Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Consumers "Call to Action" -- Don't Let Federal Regulators Limit Your Financial Choices

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) is considering bowing to pressure from the bank lobby and limiting legitimate associations like the American Consumer Council (ACC) from partnering with federally-chartered credit unions.  If this happens, it will hurt you as a consumer. Your ability to join a credit union will be severely limited.

At a time when the NCUA should be promoting credit unions to help consumer and rebuild America’s middle-class, the NCUA is unfairly attempting to restrict association members from joining credit unions. 

We need your help to stop this regulatory meddling and send a message to Washington that consumers have rights, and consumers should be able to join a credit union through their associations or non-profit organizations, if they so choose. Did you know that over 68% of all ACC members belong to a credit union? Let’s not lose that option!

The American Consumer Council is requesting that you email Gail Laster, Director of the NCUA’s Office of Consumer Protection (OCP), and ask her to "certify ACC as SEG Compliant" so that ACC members can continue to join credit unions and enjoy the many benefits credit unions offer consumers. ACC will continue to provide consumers with financial education programs and other important services. But, we need our credit union partners to do this. Credit unions have been a key partner with ACC in delivering important financial education, programs and services to our members.  
Please act today!
Below is the email address and Twitter address for Gail Laster at NCUA-OCP: Email:   -or-  Twitter: @The NCUA  --  Phone: 703-518-6640  or  FAX: 703-518-6439

Thank you for your help on this important matter and for standing up for your right to choose your financial institution as a member of the American Consumer Council.

P.S.  Please send a copy of your email to ACC at:

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